Highly reliable vitamin supplement for men to help increase the level and quality of the semen during ejaculation. Specially designed for such purpose and made out of natural ingredients and vitamins, Semenax will grant the desires results in a fast period of time once you start to administrate them. Semenax assures the user of increased potency and ejaculation levels, better love life with the partner, better fertility.
Per Bottles
120 caps x 1 bottle
120 caps x 2 bottles
120 caps x 3 bottles
Product Description

Yes: Semenax

Semenax Semenax formula includes Semenax mixture of the top-notch active components which are primarily targeted on the cum volume Semenac. Thank you. Doubled or Tripled in 5 weeks. Also, you will not only get a higher amount of semen. How Does Semenax Work. I have had minor testicular issue causing lowered seminal fluid. However, we have to be realistic about it. The pill intake will bring the desirable results only if you strictly adhere to the usage regimen suggested by the manufacturer. Semenax is exactly what is advertised and yes it does take about a month for you to really realize the difference in the volume. Due to the upsurge of semen volume, the muscle contraction during the ejaculating enhances. And she thinks it's hot, a real turn on for both of us.
Semenax But Semenwx you want to be a spectator well and good. Thus, the supplementation with l-carnitine Semenax increase sperm motility and hence overcome male fertility problems in the natural way. This is an herbal aphrodisiac used to boost libido and sexual performance. How Semenax Works Semenax formula includes a mixture of the top-notch Semeanx components which are primarily targeted on the cum volume growth. Fertility characteristics will Sememax please Swmenax. Traditionally Thai men have eaten it because it was believed to hold aphrodisiac Semeanx. Improve Ejaculation Control- That pipe dream itself has become a proven reality thanks to ejaculation enhancers such as Semenax. Should you actually bite the bullet and buy this product yourself. The credibility of a clinical study that has carefully scrutinized its formula and found it to be more than capable of ramping up semen and testosterone production; its 67 day money back guarantee your satisfaction or your money back ; its 2 decade history in the male enhancement industry, and then its endless health benefits improved fertility, blood flows, appetite and sexual health. In addition to making your orgasms longer, bigger, and fuller, Semenax also allows for better overall orgasm control, which can help you last longer in bed. Sorry, you aint him. The results were slow to show themselves, after a while using it, it did really kick in. Click the stars to choose a rating 2. Money Back Guarantee. A type of herb that is native to Thailand. How was your experience with this page. Shoot Further with Volume- An increase in the semen volume also means prolonged male orgasm.
Thank you, Jason V. Also known as Horny Goat Weed, this ingredient is primarily included due to it containing an active ingredient known as Icariin, which works to inhibit the blockage of the dilation of arteries within the penis. I HAVE noticed a noted difference in amount Highly recommend it!! See details for additional description. Product Name: Semenax. However, when combined, they create the strongest, most effective natural male enhancement supplement on the market. Very happy with it. They are also better able to satisfy their partners. Semenax can be purchased through their Official Site. As you will soon see, every one of their ingredients has been chosen for the specific purpose of improving your reproductive health and virility:. Good products. Bulbourethral Semenaxx fluid that makes your loads thicker and more jelly-like during release Semenwx. As an added bonus, users experience longer, more intensified orgasms. Thus, the supplementation with l-carnitine helps increase sperm motility and hence overcome male fertility problems in the natural way. Semenax formula includes a mixture of the top-notch active components which are primarily targeted on the cum volume growth. Leading Edge Health products have gone viral! Semenax X 5 Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. And yes, you are restricted to using just their official website if you want the real deal. Jeremy K — Bath. Great Service and Fantastic Product. My girlfriend says she can feel herself filling up inside. This is due to it providing all the bio factors that are precursors to male sex hormones i. This allows for better overall sexual functioning and has been shown to prolong the period of time spent both thrusting and ejaculating.

Common use


                It's commonly used by men to help increase the level of semen and its quality during ejaculation. The specially selected natural ingredients gathered from Europe, Africa and Asia will increase the volume of the sperm during ejaculation that leading to better and stronger orgasms. A total remedy for a better sexual life and a better stamina on men, builds self confidence and helps couples enjoy a healthier procreation life with increases chances for the female partner to remain pregnant.




Dosage and directions


                The normal dosage with Semenax is 2 to 4 capsules a day depending on the weight, height and level of necessity. Since it's a natural products based on mainly vitamins and herbs, increasing the dosage doesn't requires a doctor's approval. It's best though to ask your nutritional mentor if you need to increase the dosage or not.




                Semenax is not a FDA approved supplement therefore it's best to follow the evolution of your results and in case there prove late to appear, best to either increase the dosage or stop it.




                Do not mix Semenax with alcohol or other preparations which may interact with the product's natural ingredients. Since it's a herbal based vitamin supplement for men, it's not suitable for women to use it. It's diuretical properties as well as the ability to relax the stomach muscles means that it's not suitable to be mixed with laxative types products.


Possible side effects


                There are no  known or studies side effects for Semenax since it's a totally natural supplement which doesn't require a medical prescription. How ever, taking it in combination with other similar products or in combination with alcohol or laxatives, might lead to unwanted side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea or head aches.


Missed dose


                If you miss a dose, make sure to take it as soon as you remember or in case more than 4-5 hours have passed, simply skip to the next planned dose. If you miss a dose by more than 24h, simply proceed with taking the normal daily dose and skip the missed one.




                There are no studies to show that an overdose with Semenax can cause harm, however, it's best to keep the maximum dosage of 4 capsules a day as a regular basis and never exceed this amount unless your nutritional mentor tells you so. In case you feel ill or encounter stomach pain, stop taking the capsules immediately.




                Store Semenax in cool and dry places, away from children or pets. Store it in its original box at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, heat or humidity. DO NOT take Semenax if expired and never dispose in clean water or toilets.



            All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.

Thyroid problems

Thyroid gland a gland of the organism located in the front part of the neck. The whole gland weights 25-30g. It works by producing 4 hormones amongst which the major are T4 Thyroxin and T3 Tri-iodothyronine. Also the gland produces Calcitonin a biologically active substance that regulates the Ca2+ metabolism in the body.

The thyroid gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus work as one regulatory system. There are different types of thyroid gland dysfunctions for example:

  • Hypothyroidism A dysfunction which manifests in decreased production or inability to produce thyroid hormones. All the metabolism processes in the organism are slowed down. The causes of the disorder might be autoimmune thyroiditis, therapy with radioactive Iodine, hereditary disorders.
  • Hyperthyroid an excess in production of thyroid hormones. The disorder leads to an increase in the organisms metabolism speed. The causes of the disorder might be: benign tumors, when the gland is not controlled by the pituitary gland, autoimmune processes Graves's disease. The symptoms of the hyperfunction may lead to thyrotoxic crisis or thyroid storm a severe condition which affects the main organism functions and in turn may leading to coma and death.
  • Another dysfunction of the thyroid gland is goiter which is caused by iodine insufficiency, followed by an increase in size of the thyroid gland which may lead to hyper- or hypothyroidism.

If you feel that some of the following may be applied to youthen a possibility of the thyroid disorder exists:

  • Fatigue, especially in the morning and less in the evening
  • Changes in weight, especially around the abdomen
  • Depression and melancholy
  • Increased levels of cholesterol
  • Spasms and muscle contractions
  • Constipation
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Bad memory and other neurological

All of the above may signal a possible thyroid disorder. It would be safe to consult your doctor and measure the levels of the T4 and T3 hormones in the blood.